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Price $279.95

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The Ford SUV Navigator desk is the best value on the market.

The Navigator goes higher, right over the tall consoles in your SUV or Van.

The Navigator allows the lid to close on your laptop.

The Navigator fits all widescreen laptops no problem.ambulance laptop mounts

Bolts In Using Your Seat Bolts, No Drilling, NO modifications. Simple to Install.

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Price $279.95

16.00 Freight

The Pro Desks Navigator SUV laptop Computer desk is the Perfect Chevy Suburban SUV Mobile Office Accessory.

Pro-Desks NEW Navigator Chevy Suburban SUV laptop computer desk is one of the most advanced laptop SUV desks currently available. It has been redesigned from the seat bolt up, to increase the durability, improve the stability, add function and user features like the new printer stand and accommodations for the widescreen laptops.

 Pro-Desks Navigator Chevy Suburban SUV laptop desk bolts easily  to the seat mounting brackets.

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The new Navigator Chevy Suburban SUV laptop desk has extended reach now, it comes up over the tall consoles and the upright pedestal is reinforced to stabilize the laptop and provide a very nice computing surface. This is one nice Chevy Suburban SUV laptop mount. Easy to install, position and use.

The upright has a full 360 degree rotation on both the top of the upright base, where the mount begins at the floor, and also at the top of the pedestal under the desktop. This allows you to fully position the laptop exactly where you want it.


Exclusive on the Pro-Desks SUV Navigator is a unique mounting system that uses the seat rail bolt mechanism, this allows you to install the laptop car mount without any modifications to the Chevy Suburban SUV. We have a model for virtually every SUV.

The Chevy Suburban SUV Navigator desk works at any height, does not interfere with the passenger space, and fits all laptops. The secure hold down mechanism secures your computer to the desk top, yet allows you to quickly release it and take it into the office, or appointment.


The Navigator has increased height capabilities, this will clear tall consoles, even holding a coffee cup, the consoles still open, and it goes up and down with a quick turn of one tee locking nut. You can set this to fit your particular settings.

Using the passenger seat bolt rail we fasten directly to it, no drilling or modifications required, the two pedestal bolts push against the carpet, creating a leverage effect, which creates a very stable base, it's like putting a plank under something and lifting up, the harder you lift up the more stable the plank becomes.


The Improved Chevy Suburban SUV desk top now accommodates any size and width of laptop, even widescreen models with ease. You can remove the laptop in seconds as well to take into the office when the day is complete, or when on a sales call or meeting.


The New Chevy Suburban SUV Navigator desk uses 4 rubber isolating shock absorbing pads and slotted grooves for increased laptop protection and provides excellent cooling. The slotted grooves allow you to accommodate different width and depth laptops on the same desktop.


The 360 degree rotation feature allows you to work outside the passenger side, more and more clients were using the mount on the job site and needed to be able to show diagrams, drawings etc. to multiple people. Now, just swing the desk around and it's right outside, excellent for emergency situations, command locations, field work and so on.


This shot is straight down from the top, looking at the floor, and it shows how little space is actually used up by the mounting base. It barely affects a passenger at all, the seat functions as normal, goes back and forth etc. You can take the upright out in a few seconds if required, leaving only the small base with rotating socket. ( The rotating socket and base also remove to leave no trace of a desk).

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