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Image Gallery - Navigator Desk Top and Laptop Installation and Use
You can enlarge any image by clicking on it, this gallery shows the desktop adjustments, locking mechanisms, security strap, and the desk in action. Click to view the Navigator Base Gallery.

Navigator Model Laptop Car Or Truck Desk
You'll Specify When Ordering Your Vehicle - Make - YR - Seat
Desk Top Swivels 360 Also Pivots
Navigator Base Dodge Truck
The Navigator Top Has Shock Absorbing Pads
Quick Release Lock Strap Securely Holds Laptop
Slotted Top Locks Fit Any Laptop
Navigator Top Fits Any Laptop
Locking Strap Adjusts To Fit Laptop Width
Rubber Pads Allow Air Movement & Cushion
Take Your Laptop IN and OUT in Seconds

Navigator Truck Desk
The Slotted Top Allows Clamps To Adjust
You'll Set Both To Fit Your Laptop Dimensions
A Quick Turn Of The Knob Releases
Navigator Dodge Desk Top
Once The Knob On The Clamp Is Released
You'll Be Able To Slide To Accommodate Your Laptop
The Clamps are Rubber Coated - Secure & Safe
Navigator Desktop In Dodge Truck
Set Your Laptop On The Desk Top
Then Push The Clamp Tight To The Laptop
Then Tighten The Locking Nut - Quick & Easy

Navigator in Dodge Truck With Laptop On
Snap The Lock Strap Together & Tighten
The Strap Does Not Prevent The Screen From Closing
Dodge Truck Laptop Desk
The Laptop Can Easily Be Used Either
By The Driver or The Passenger - The Top Rotates 360
Laptop Truck Desk in Dodge Ram Pickup
The Navigator Is Truly A Flexible Productive Desk
& Can Be Installed In Almost All Vehicles

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