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  • vehicle mount computer stand
  • vehicle mount computer stand
  • vehicle mount computer stand
  • vehicle mount computer stand
  • vehicle mount computer stand
vehicle mount computer stand

Pro Desks Navigator Laptop Mount Computer Stand For Cars

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Pro Desks Navigator laptop mount is designed to fit virtually any cars and fit all widescreen laptops no problem.

The new Navigator comes with a heavy duty base. This base uses the existing seat rail so no modifications are required to the vehicle. Navigator is an exclusive car laptop mount in terms of its advanced features and functions. This desk is a no drill seat rail mounting system. The desk is designed in an ergonomic style; this desk is also extendable making it a perfect place to handle a laptop in a vehicle.


navigator car mount

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The Navigator car laptop stand can be installed in the vehicle without requiring any vehicle modifications. It fits perfectly with laptops and notebooks of all sizes.

A raised front lip and two rear pressure brackets are two useful features which enable this laptop to completely fit any sizes of laptop. The laptop will then be kept firm and secure. There is an adjustable stray attached to the laptop, above the keys and below the lid hinges. It does not block the laptop's drive and ports. Opening and closing the screen will not create any stress on the hinges mainly because the stray is very thin.

This computer stand for cars comes with no cables so that users will not feel annoyed with those cumbersome things.

navigator vehicle computer stand

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Each Navigator car computer laptop stands has four rubber shock pads to help raise the laptop off the desktop, then the passive air flow can get in. It also reduces the vibration to protect the hard drive.

The ideal design of this mobile car laptop holder allows people to work with their laptop comfortably in both driver and passenger seats. The computer screen can be stabilized with an optional screen holder when driving with it open. The stand height is easily adjusted or removed within just seconds if you do not need it. There is only one pivoting base that allows the vertical stand to shift over the center console, creating more space for the passenger. The laptop car mount made by our competitors often come straight and occupy a lot of passenger space, which make the passenger feel uncomfortable while traveling for long hours.

The Navigator car laptop mount supplied by Pro Desks provides the passenger with significant leg space, which definitely beats our competitor Jottodesk that use the old technology with a does-not-move light duty upright. Their products often take up a lot of space and hinders the flexibility.

vehicle mount by Pro desks

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User can access their laptop from the outside of the door with a few simple adaptations. The Navigator is °Tactically safe° for outside the door work, utility companies, service firms, EMS etc. Users can use their device easily even when they are standing outside the vehicle. Users can adjust the suitable positions; they sit and work in the right position, which definitely helps them avoid typical health problems such as neck pain or back strain. Ergonomics means more effective work results.

The Navigator computer mount for cars is made from the heavy duty steel so its base plate can last for a very long time. This desk requires no effort to set up. Each base plate is made-to-order so it matches a specific vehicle.

navigator computer stand

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The upright of Navigator is very strong; it can provide extended reach, enabling users to position the desk up and over the tall consoles. It is clear that this car desk model was produced to meet the demands of every mobile computing customer; it can satisfy even the most difficult ones. Navigator provides an ergonomic and stable solution for those who love working on the go.

This advanced car laptop desk also comes with a pivoting ball socket on the bottom, making it easy for users to rotate the desktop 360 degrees. User can comfortably swivel, angle, turn and position the desktop to find the most suitable position for him to work. Navigator beat any of its competitors in terms of providing unlimited positioning.

vehicle mount computer stand

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The Navigator provides the most reliable base in the market with exacting specifications out of rugged steel. The seat movement or the passenger area is not interfered by this car pc base. You can install the base which is custom-designed easily with the help of some simple hand tools without drilling or modifying your vehicle.

Navigator Car Desk Fits Virtually All Cars:

No Vehicle Modifications Or Drilling - Bolts Right To the Seat
If you're unsure if your car fits, please feel free to call us 800-780-6029

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