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2016 2017 High Country Mongoose Truck Laptop Mount Available

Pro Desks announced today that the 2016 2017 Silverado and GMC Sierra models, 1500, 2500 and 3500 all have the new base plate to fit the Mongoose laptop mount 2016 2017 GMC Sierra offered by Pro Desks.

computer stands for Chevy trucks The High Country model shown in the photo has the Mongoose 2016 2017 Chevy truck laptop mount installed using the custom base plate that is specifically designed for the seat rails of the new 2015 and 2016 2017 pickups.

Merv Carlson, President of Pro Desks had this to say: "The Silverado, Sierra, Denali, High Country models are top line trucks. It's fitting that the Top of the line laptop mounting system, the Mongoose Chevy truck laptop mount by Pro Desks is shown here installed. There is no better desk in the entire industry for these trucks. As you can see it's a professional fit and finish to a phenomenal truck. If you're working in your pick up every day, and it's your "office", then use the very best. The Mongoose is the most user-friendly, ergonomic desk on the market. It has the most features and fits everything from small tablets to Ruggedized laptops, even 17 Inch Widescreens. This, my friends, is a serious laptop desk. Very fitting for the new Silverado's, Sierras, High Country models and all the Chevrolet and GMC trucks."

computer stands for Chevy trucks The base plate on the New GMC/Chevrolet vehicle laptop mounting systems by Pro Desks utilize the entire seat rail system. It's an extensive development process that was done to engineer a quality base plate for the laptop desk that would not interfere with the working of the seat.

The base was built and constructed to be interchangeable. Meaning, as time goes by, if you decide to change truck models and upgrade to a new version a few years from now, the only change required to move the desk to the next vehicle is a replacement base. In some cases, this base will work, for example, if you have a 2015 and move to a 2016 2017 the same base works. No changes required. Brand to Brand, meaning Chevrolet to Chevrolet. However if you were to change truck models and brands altogether, go from a 2015 Sierra to a 2016 2017 F150, then, the only thing required is the base plate for the F150. All remaining components of the Mongoose can be transferred.

The real beauty of the Mongoose vehicle mount offered by Pro Desks is the interchangeable Top. You can use the Mongoose with virtually any computing device available. It is shown here with a Panasonic G-1 tablet and the optional keyboard tray. This extends the usability dramatically as more and more organizations are going to tablet use.

What would occur is a the mounting system on top of the Mongoose sliding arm changes to match the equipment you have, or are planning to get. If you are using a standard laptop, no issues with the awesome aluminum top featured in most of our photos. But if you have a tablet, contact us, we can share the solutions available to you.

We have all configurations in stock for the most part, so we can ship promptly. By all means contact us direct with any questions about the system you have now or are planning.

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